This is the basic service I offer. It’d be a little bit crazy if I didn’t! As a celebrant for your special day here’s what you get: An initial meeting between us to see if we are the right fit and work out exactly what needs to be done. If I’m what you’re after we’ll … Continue reading CELEBRANT


If I’m already doing your service why not keep me around to look after the rest of the night? For over 25 years I’ve MCed events that range from weddings to huge corporate functions and big sporting events. So I know how to keep a party flowing, make sure that everyone gets to do their … Continue reading MC


There’s lots of downtime in a wedding while people wait – for photos, for the reception to start, for the dancing to begin. I can help you fill that downtime with something that is one-of-a-kind and really keeps people entertained. Before I became a celebrant I was involved in lots of weddings providing entertainment from … Continue reading ENTERTAINMENT