About Me

Me on my wedding day

That grinning fool is me – on my wedding day! It was an awesome day back in 2004 where my wife and I were married by my father (also a wedding celebrant) in Fiji. Its the only time I’ve been a groom but I’ve been to plenty of weddings before and since that day.

I’m an actor by trade and have a business that I run with my wife that provides entertainment, facilitation and training – you can take a look at this here. Although this has been going for under 2 years I’ve been working in the field, as well as in theatre, film and television since 1990.

I’ve also been looking after the Wellington side of a photobooth business for the last couple of years. This has seen me turn up to more weddings than I can count. Its allowed me to see the many and varied ways that folks get hitched and has given me a great network of people in the world of weddings.

When I’m not working I’m at home in Titahi Bay with my wife, two kids and our menagerie of animals – including the largest dog you’ll ever see!



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