About Me

Me on my wedding day

That grinning fool on the left is me – on my wedding day! It was an awesome day back in 2004 where my wife and I were married by my father (also a wedding celebrant) in Fiji. Its the only time I’ve been a groom but I’ve been to plenty of weddings before and since that day. As you can see from the pic on the right there’s a little more grey and the beard has spread!

I’ve been a professional actor and comedian for more than 30 years now. I have a business that provides entertainment, facilitation and training – you can take a look at this here. It’s a bit more of a side hustle nowadays as I work in advertising and marketing but I still love a good wedding!

For a while I looked after the Wellington side of a photobooth business. This saw me turn up to more weddings than I could count. And it allowed me to see the many and varied ways that folks get hitched which helped me to see a couple of things. First was that not everyone was getting the ceremony they deserved – you can literally do anything with a wedding ceremony that’s not legal as long as you have a few required bits in there. Second was that weddings are great fun to help bring to life. I’m up for anything that you’re up for (as long as it doesn’t involve my nudity). In my 5+ years as a celebrant I’ve married a couple in their kitchen, dressed as Dr. Who and even been thrown out of a wedding by a guest (who was in on the whole thing). Don’t worry if those sound too weird for your special day – I’ve also done more traditional weddings.  

When I’m not working I’m at home in Titahi Bay with my wife, two kids and our menagerie of animals – including the largest dog you’ll ever see and one of the smallest!


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