Deb & Steve

The Legislative Chamber in Parliament – one of the coolest venues I’ve got to work in

Sometimes I get to do weddings in some pretty amazing places. And its not every wedding where I get to pass through a metal detector! But I did when the wedding was in Parliament.

Deb & Steve met whilst working in security in the Beehive. And although Steve has retired there are still some perks that come with the job and a great venue is one of those. This was a wedding that I didn’t think I could do. Initially a scheduling clash meant that I was forced to introduce Steve and Deb to a good friend of mine who is also a celebrant (I’ve actually got several of them). Then the pandemic intervened and we were able to reconnect for the new date.

I was stoked. Not only was the location amazing but Deb and Steve were a cool couple with a great story and I was privileged to be part of the next step. I also was their wedding MC. This is something I’m very happy to do. It makes sense because people are already used to listening to me and it means that friends and family can relax knowing that they won’t be roped in to do the job. This particular reception was amazing to be part of. Both Deb and Steve have strong Māori connections and the speeches and wait from their whānau filling the Great Hall of Parliament was super moving.

I think my favourite part of the whole day was the karanga from Steve’s daughter that welcomed the bride into the Legislative Chamber to begin the ceremony. Stunning.