Jill & Alex

Or the wedding I got kicked off…

Getting kicked off the ceremony that I was supposed to be running was such a fun way to end the “wedding season” for this year! Fun because it was all planned and at least the bride, the “celebrant” and I knew what was going on. Everyone else was in the dark.

I had been approached by Jill a few months earlier. This was going to be a casual wedding and she wanted a bit of advice, could someone who was not a celebrant actually do the service? She wanted a friend (a neighbour, in fact) of her and Alex to do proceedings but he wasn’t a registered celebrant.

Sure thing. There are always ways around this and I’ve done this sort of thing before. My own wedding was like this.

There are parts of the ceremony that legally need to be performed by a registered celebrant but they are few in number and the rest can be handled by anyone else. So Jill’s request could basil covered. She wanted to go step further and surprise her husband to be. I could help with that too.

So we got together with Jill and her neighbour to plot. The plan was that I would start the ceremony and Chris, the neighbour, would challenge me, “What gives you the right to marry these two people, you hardly know them?” This was great, and true. The thing about being a celebrant is that, on this special day, you are often the person who knows the couple the least. I always try to get as good a sense of he couple I’m marrying because of this very reason but that only goes so far. So it was fun to be part of a wedding that acknowledged that. Once Chris had made his challenge he was going to take over and do as much as possible while I lurked, reminding him at the last minute the I still had a purpose and he couldn’t complete the paperwork without me.

On the day things worked perfectly and everyone was stunned and surprised. Chris was such a lovely guy that nothing got super awkward and he did a fantastic job. We totally fooled Alex.

This sort of surprise worked at a casual and relaxed wedding like this where everyone was either friends or neighbours and everyone shared the same sense of humour. It made for a memorable day.

While that sort of thing isn’t for everyone I’m glad I was part of it and I’m more than happy to help you come up with a ceremony that honours your special vibe as a couple and includes all the special people in your life.