Colin & Kathryn


I think they look so happy because they got me into a fez!

This was a great example of a wedding where we managed to weave in a thee without it completely dominating everything. These guys were sci-fi fans – Doctor Who, Star Trek and Stargate especially. Kathryn and Colin wanted references in the ceremony that people who knew sci-fi would get but wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb for those that didn’t.

That made for a lot of fun research. Interestingly, Doctor Who has quite a few quotes suitable for a wedding (especially since one of the more recent Doctors had a companion who was actually married), the various Star Trek series were OK but Stargate, not so much. The little sci-fi touches were in other places too. Such as me dressing as Matt IMG_5612Smith’s incarnation of Doctor Who, complete with the correct version of his sonic screwdriver.

As the MC for the rest of the wedding festivities, later on, I also got to see their awesome cake. Finally, Stargate found a way in – as a wedding cake topper!

It was a really fun wedding that I looked forward to for more than a year as we planned things. And great proof that you can have an out of this world theme without going over the top.