Kat & Keith

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The bride and groom don’t feature in this picture but it was too good not to share

For Kat & Keith’s wedding I wasn’t actually the celebrant. I went back to my roots as an entertainer and provided them with some entertainment following their ceremony.

That moment following the ceremony can be awkward for people – especially if you are one of those lucky couples who have a far-flung and quite diverse group of friends. That’s great for you but not always so great for guests at your wedding. There’s little knots of people who don’t know each other well and that early in the day the socialising aspects of alcohol haven’t kicked in. Things can be even more awkward in those weddings where this is the moment that the bride and groom disappear for an hour or two to get some post wedding pics.

So filling that gap with something entertaining that gets people mingling and gives them something to talk about beyond, “How do you know the groom/bride?” is great.

Having managed a Photobooth company for a bit I know that this is one place where a Photo Booth can really earn its keep.

But nothing beats a bit of live entertainment. So much as I did at Adam & Millie’s wedding I facilitated some games and quizzes to get people mixed up. The results of the “Best Wedding Selfie” contest are there for you see at the top of this post. But we also did other games that left us finding out some pretty cool things about other guests – one had been towed behind the /cook Strait ferry and another one had been shot with a machine gun!

Where we went a bit further than Adam and Millie was by doing some improv comedy here as well. Kat and Keith had given us some info about how they met and some of their friends and family and myself and the awesome Clare used this info and some gentle audience participation to do some Theatresports-style games. This is a great way to let people share stories in a fun way without the pressures of giving a speech and meant that by the time it came for Kat & Keith to speak and cut the cake their friends and family were nicely relaxed and ready to kick on for what promised to be a great night!