Leon and Nigel


If you take a look at this pic, as posted by Leon, on my Facebook page you’ll notice that I’m in the background checking my phone. That kind of sums up a lot of what this wedding was about.

Usually I don’t cop a lot of cheek from my wedding couples but I got quite a bit from these guys, Leon in particular, and it made for a fun wedding! I got several texts from Leon who spotted me in town answering this email or that whilst on the move – he was very concerned for my health and safety!

This was always going to be a fun wedding. The original idea was for us to stage a guerilla raid on the Begonia House at the Botanic Gardens. But here’s some advice – the Begonia House is not available for hire before 5pm. Which is not when Leon and Nigel wanted the ceremony. I am always up for something a little unusual so I was on board 100%. But when the subject was brought up with council we were threatened with trespass and even loss of my celebrant’s license. I was still on board 99.95% but the decision was made to shift the whole thing to Leon’s second home, The Green Man, who were way more accommodating and much less litigious than the council.

This was also my first wedding scheduled for numerological reasons – it was 8/8/16. With 8 being a very lucky number in Chinese numerology and 16 being 2×8 it was certainly a lucky day indeed! I also discovered later that it was the day 30 years ago that the Homosexual Law Reform Bill actually came into effect (having been passed some months earlier). I’m still not sure anyone was aware of that at the time.

The wedding itself was a wonderful thing – family and close friends were treated to some a capella music (including from Leon himself), poetry and laughs.

Although the potential excitement of evading the Council in a pop-up wedding was denied us Leon and Nigel’s day was more than an acceptable alternative!

Venue: The Green Man Pub